The "roots" of Wyred 4 Sound EJ Sarmento started as an assembler for Cullen Circuits in the mid 90's shortly after the manufacturing side had begun. His early years with car electronics gave him a good taste for what he was getting into. Crimping transformer after transformer for the first several weeks quickly taught him that repetition, quality, and productivity was the key to success. Working under the guidance of Barry Nelson (production manager at the time) offered variations in projects and allowed hands on training in every aspect of production. Barry found that he promptly became a "jack of all trades", and always "floated" him around to help in different departments as needed. Barry looked at him as a true team player. The one that works through the night into the morning and even through holidays to get "hot" projects out the door. Sub-contract customers also found that they could rely on him to get the job done even when there didn't seem to be enough time in the day.  Through building thousands of products, EJ quickly learned the "nuts and bolts" of each product. Working next to long time comrade Kevin Stewart, the two built the majority of production for the longest time. Over the years, notes were taken, skills were learned, lessons were given, and new faces appeared. Barry Nelson had to relocate for family reasons, which left EJ in the production management position.  With production numbers continually going up, the testing department couldn't seem to keep up with production. Along with James Ross (head technician at the time), EJ opted to help as much as he possibly could in the testing department. As time went on, James decided to move on to a technician position with another local company. This left EJ to also cover in the testing department. He swiftly picked up the routines, and accomplished goals day after day.  Enjoying every aspect of daily tasks, EJ couldn't learn enough as fast as he'd like. He then attended night classes to study electronics in college. Because of the hands on experience, everything seemed to go very well. He accelerated very quickly and learned a great deal in record time. In his spare hours, EJ grasped the ins and outs of Solid Works (3-D design software), and Protel (circuit board design program). He then decided to design a very small, low powered amplifier built around ICEpower modules. This is where Wyred 4 Sound was born. The 200S was the first model to be branded with the W4S name. Over the weekend, he built and tested his amplifiers for the week to follow. After the web-site was put up and the first 20 or so amps were in customers hands, orders started pouring in. As the OEM production side of things started to slow down, Rick and EJ had more of an opportunity to work together on modifications. They both learned that they shared the same goals in audio, and found great friendship along the way. After several production-based modifications were released, customers quickly found that the quality and value they were getting was extraordinary. Business began to grow exponentially.  As the product line grew to stereo and mono amplifiers, the demand was overwhelming. The stress was huge on EJ and something needed to give soon. There was barely enough time in the day for his role in Cullen Circuits, and even less for W4S in the evenings. He then decided that it would be best to move on with his company, but couldn't because of the amount of time invested, and dedication involved in both. Together EJ and Rick decided that they could both make sacrifices to ensure the growth of both businesses. Several assemblers were promoted to technicians and provided the level of perfomance W4S was known for. Now production management and product design was his primary role which proved to be very effective. With the help of the past at Cullen Circuits, and close friends in the industry, EJ continues to develop the chassis, circuit, software, and web design for W4S. Together, this team will provide advanced high-end audio products for years to come at an affordable price and extreme value! Does this all sound too good to be true? Well, life is what we make it, so do your best and be all that you can! Live today as if there wasn't a tomorrow.  We thank all who support us, and those who share the same love (addiction) for music.

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WIRED4SOUND  DAC 2                                                                                                Listino  ufficiale  €. 1.990,00

Convertitore stereo Digitale / Analogico DAC 32 bit ESS Reference audio ES9018, ESS Time Domain Jitter Eliminator®, sovracampionamento automatico, progetto completamente bilanciato con uscite bilanciate e sbilanciate, trasformatore toroidale sovradimensionato, display LCD, 6 ingressi (2 Coax, 2 Toslink, 1 AES/EBU, 1 bilanciato I2S), ingresso USB asincrono 24 bit 192 kHz. Con telecomando. Schede digitali, di uscita e USB aggiornabili. Dimensioni (LxAxP): 216x105x343mm. Peso: 7,3kg. Finitura nero o  Silver  

W4S DAC-2 Features: • ESS Reference audio (ES9018) 32 bit DAC • W4S proprietary discrete output stages for optimum sonics • ESS Time Domain Jitter Eliminator® • Automatic oversampling for precise output filtering • Fully balanced design with balanced and unbalanced outputs • Upgradable Digital, Output, and USB boards (designed for future improvements) • Oversized toroidal transformer for solid and noise-free powe • 88,000uF of filtering with W4S low ESR "super-cap" (same as used in the STP-SE) • VFD display for input, sample rate, volume control, and configuration viewing • Remote control with features such as balance control and phase inversion • Defeatable - 32 bit volume control • HT Bypass inputs (selectable via DC trigger) • 2x Coax inputs • 2x Toslink inputs • 1x AES/EBU input • 1x Balanced I2S input via HDMI cable (not standard HDMI cable format) • 24-bit 192kHz Asynchronous USB input • Proprietary drivers for 32/64 bit Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OS 10.4, 10.5 ,10.6 • Factory selectable mains 115/230VAC • Compact size (8.5"W x 4.125"H x 13.5"D) • 16 lbs. • Covered by a 3 YEAR WARRANTY

WIRED4SOUND  MICRODAC                                                                                                 Listino  ufficiale  €. 590,00

Convertitore stereo Digitale / Analogico Tre ingressi digitali: USB 24 bit @ 96 kHz, Coassiale 24 bit @ 192 kHz, Toslink 24 bit @ 192 kHz. Uscita RCA. Alimentato tramite alimentatore oppure via USB. Ingresso e alimentazione selezionabili tramite selettore. Dimensioni (LxAxP): 89x25x89mm. Finitura nero

"I really like the unit, great imaging, a little warmth, fine bass. I know there are more expensive, maybe better DAC's out there but this is so good that I don't really care. The µDAC is a very nice product that just disappears and does its job. I kind of wish for a remote that I could use to switch inputs but at that price I can't complain. – Thanks" The Wyred 4 Sound µDAC is the perfect solution for digital streaming made simple. In many cases, the price and overall size of most dedicated DACs deters music enthusiasts from going digital. Whether it be for a second system or to begin digital streaming for the first time, the µDAC can surely impress. There are currently a handful of DACs available with a similar foot print to the µDAC but we have ensured that this piece has more to bring to the table. In fact, after learning about the high resolution support and stellar sonic performance, you may consider making this the go to DAC in your home and or office. There are two S/PDIF inputs which support 24 bit 192 kHz signals as well as an asynchronous USB input for computer streaming. Any of the inputs will provide the kind of performance expected from a price tag many times higher. From Internet radio to high res streaming the µDAC will not miss a beat. We adopted the very same USB technology used in our DAC-1! We were even able to include an ESS DAC to take full advantage of the limited real-estate in this 3.5”x3.5” chassis. Not only will the µDAC perform sonically, its soft lines and smooth finish make for a sleek looking product. Made from machined aircraft-grade aluminum with the W4S logo as a lock light (lights up blue when the DAC is locked onto a signal!), the µDAC is very functional yet so simple. Power is fed directly through USB when streaming from a computer. When using the S/PDIF inputs the USB cable is plugged into an outlet using the supplied adapter. Simplify and improve your digital streaming today!


WIRED4SOUND  MICRODAC HD                                                                                                Listino  ufficiale  €. 650,00

Convertitore DAC con uscita cuffie amplificata  Tre ingressi digitali: USB asincrono 24 bit @ 192 kHz, Coassiale 24 bit @ 192 kHz, Toslink 24  bit @ 192 kHz. Uscite RCA e cuffie, stadio di  uscita in Classe A. Alimentato tramite  alimentatore oppure via USB. Ingresso e alimentazione selezionabili tramite selettore. Dimensioni (LxAxP): 89x25x89mm

The µDAC-HD is a compact USB DAC that streams files up to 24/192kHz resolution and performs very well. For only $499, you can open the doors to high quality digital playback through any Hi-Fi system. We have created a simple to operate device so you can spend more time listening and less time reading the operations manual. The W4S logo on the top of the chassis functions as a signal lock light and will indicate when the device is recognized by your computer. Once the DAC is plugged into your computer you have the option to power the unit through the USB connection or by the 9VDC power supply that can be purchased separately. Outputs consist of both RCA as well as a Ľ” headphone output which can be used simultaneously. It’s that simple! Many DACs in the marketplace have various limitations when streaming music over a USB connection. These limitations may include limited support for different operating systems, poor performance, or an inability to play high resolution files. We have ensured that the µDAC-HD is proficient in all of these areas without any sacrifices. Derived from the latest asynchronous XMOS design, the µDAC-HD is certified USB 2.0 High Speed as well as Audio Class 2.0 compliant. A quick driver install is required for PC machines; however, it remains driverless for Mac (10.6.4 and above) and Linux systems. Audio grade clocks, incredibly low latency and asynchronous mode of operation help ensure brilliant music reproduction. µDAC-HD •State-of-the-art USB Technology•24 bit 192 kHz Asynchronous USB Input•Optionally powered by USB or DC supply (USB cable and DC power supply included!)•ESS Sabre DAC •Class A Output Stage•Analog RCA Ouputs•Built-in Headphone amp•Signal Lock Light •Compact (3.5" x 3.5" x 1") •Covered by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY (Original Purchaser)

WIRED4SOUND  MICROLINK                                                                                               Listino  ufficiale  €. 450,00

Convertitore USB- S/PDIF Ingresso USB asincrono 24 bit 192 KhZ,  compatibile con modalitŕ Integer/Direct, uscite  a basso Jitter BNC, Toslink e Coassiale,  funzionamento privo di driver per Mac e Linux.  Dimensioni (LxAxP): 89x25x89mm

The µLINK is the perfect match for your music server or computer streaming setup! It seamlessly interfaces with your music source by converting your USB connection to a low jitter S/PDIF signal your DAC will benefit from. This unit is very easy to use, compact, and affordable. We have even included a W4S logo on the top of the unit that functions as a lock light to indicate when the device is recognized by your computer. You have the option to power the unit through the USB connection or with the optional 9VDC power supply. At a square 3.5” and less than 1” tall, this piece is so compact that you can easily place it on top of your DAC. Understanding that one connection does not fit all needs, we have included Coaxial, Toslink, and BNC digital outputs for you to choose from. Having the outputs galvanically isolated from the USB source, we are able to eliminate noise from degrading the performance of your system. Additionally, all three of these digital outputs are active and independently buffered so they can be used at the same time if desired with no contamination between them.  Ultimately, you may be wondering how this nifty little unit can benefit you and your setup. In fact, this high performance converter may allow you to keep your current DAC for years to come! The reality is that many DACs in the marketplace have various limitations when streaming music over a USB connection. These limitations may include limited support for different operating systems, poor performance, or an inability to play high resolution files without down-converting. We made sure that the µLINK is proficient in all of these areas without any sacrifices. Developed from the latest asynchronous XMOS design, which is certified USB 2.0 High Speed and Audio Class 2.0 compliant, we are able to offer a driverless solution for Mac and Linux platforms. However, a quick driver install for PC machines is required. Incredibly low latency in conjunction with the asynchronous mode communication and ultra precise clocks permits exceptionally high quality digital streaming. You will be able to stream those hot new 24 bit 192kHz files from HD Tracks without missing a beat!  If you are completely happy with your current DAC aside from the fact that it won’t support high resolution files or perhaps does not have a USB input at all, look no further than the Wyred 4 Sound µLINK µLINK Features •Asynchronous 24 bit 192kHz USB input •Driverless for Mac and Linux systems! •Compatible with Integer/Direct mode •Low jitter BNC, Toslink, and Coaxial outputs •Covered by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY (Original Purchaser)

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